The Old Lock Up Gallery is a beautiful Grade II Listed Building which lends itself perfectly to a diverse range of events that are both unique and intimate experiences. Below are forthcoming events in our art gallery and peaceful creative space. 

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introducing our second ‘Art Cafe’ - join us on the 29th March for ‘The Art of Drumming’ with Nikki Fenwick. 

Tribal Vibes djembe drumming workshop - offering the opportunity to try group 
djembe drumming in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. Everyone is welcome to 
participate in this fun and engaging activity, regardless of experience. 
During the workshop we will look at basic playing techniques, explore how 
structured rhythms work together and also have the opportunity to create our 
own rhythms through freestyling.    
If you have never played a djembe before, you will be amazed at how simple 
achievable and empowering this form of group music making can be, and have lots 
of fun whilst contributing and learning!

The evening will end with chat, wine and some delicious nibbles!

This event is for you if you want to explore drumming in a relaxed and creative atmosphere - suitable for absolute beginners and experienced drummers alike.

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Artists Talk - Louise Mc Clary - Reflected Silence

Join Louise Mc Clary at The Old Lock Up Gallery to hear Louise discuss her work, influences and life as an artist.

‘I am surrounded by many aspects of nature that constantly feed me, being inspired both by the rural landscape directly out side my door and the creeks with estuarial mud flats that lie 5 mins down hill from my home, the creeks are lined with ancient oak trees , which are particularly twisted and gnarled sending an incredible lattice work of shapes into the sky, sometimes reflected into the water. All this then in turn informs my work , so I go out wandering sometimes with sketch book and or watercolours and record what I see , at other time simply walking and looking is enough. Back in the studio these plain air sketches are no longer referred to, they have served their purpose to help my internalise my landscape. So begins the work of distilling and fragmenting what has been seen and felt, into a more abstracted ‘feeling ‘ landscape .Poetry is something that has also been part of my world that sits alongside the gathering of information in my store tank if you like ..’ - Louise Mc Clary 2019

The talk will be followed by a glass of wine, delicious nibbles, mezze and chat.

Booking is essential as tickets are limited

reflected silence_art_cafe.jpg

introducing our second ‘Art Cafe’ - join us on the 27th April for ‘The Art of Mindful Seeing – Reflected Silence. 

We often view art quickly, making judgements on whether we like a piece of work based on previous experiences or preconceived ideas. This event allows us to question and explore these judgements. Step into the beautiful setting of The Old Lock Up Gallery and our current exhibition of beautifully expressive vibrant paintings to explore how to engage with the work mindfully; acquire skills/insights into how to see and engage with art.

We’ll start the evening with some simple mindfulness practices - have you heard of the mindfulness exercise involving a raisin? We’ll be supplementing the raisin with a delicious hand made chocolate - made in the village by Taylor-Wilde Chocolatiers. We’ll then experience 1-2 other mindfulness practices before moving on to look at the work within the gallery space.

The evening will end with chat, wine and some delicious nibbles and mezze!

This event is for you if you want to explore the way in which you engage with art, or are interested in mindfulness and want to spend an evening with other art enthusiasts by the log burning stove in the gallery.