Landforms -

OPENS 19th January 2019

Opening event - all welcome 4pm - 6.30pm

Paintings - Liz Salter and Rachel Sudworth


About the work

The Cromford gallery's new show 'Landforms' exhibits the work of fine Artists Liz Salter and Rachel Sudworth.
The exhibition brings two landscape painters together whose beautiful painterly work has an expressive quality. Liz Salter draws on her memories of a place - the scent on the wind and the changing light. Rachel Sudworth has a love of British mountains and Northern light, building an impression or a memory of a landscape within her work. Creating paintings with atmosphere, balance and quietness through layers of soft unconstrained paint.
The exhibition continues until March 2nd. The gallery is open (11-5pm) Friday & Saturday and 11-4.30pm Sundays.
Landforms - continues until 2nd March 2019

Liz Sater - My paintings reflect those landscapes that I enjoy exploring, especially the wild remote hills and moors in the UK and Ireland. I trudge these places armed with a sketchbook and a few basic drawing materials. Back in my studio I flick through the sketchbook until a drawing or series of drawings seem to speak. Then the adventure begins, exploring possibilities much as I explored new terrain. Images are built up, maybe using collage or liquid graphite, and layers of thin acrylic paint are intermingled with line. I draw on my memories as much as the sketches, remembering the scents on the wind and the changing light. When is the painting finished? When it speaks back to me of that remembered experience.

Rachel Sudworth - I am inspired by quiet still places, rain, mist and layers, and subtle colours found in wild environments. I love empty Scottish beaches, woods and forests, the vast expanses of Iceland, British mountains, and northern light. I want to evoke atmosphere, emotion and memories of places. I use sketchbooks, photographs and studies made in the landscape back in the studio, where they are distilled and explored into larger pieces.

I use the natural qualities of  paint and ink in an unconstrained and expressive way. The balance between control and un-control is manipulated, often allowing for paint to run, pool and soften. Once I begin, the process is almost as important as the initial inspiration. I build up many layers to create depth and interesting marks. It becomes about creating an impression or memory of landscape, making a painting I feel has atmosphere, balance, and quietness, something that draws a viewer in, and invites their involvement.